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GenTox Research and Development (GRD) is an Indian scientific promoter is registered by State government UP, GRD are actively involved in various fields of biotechnology, microbiology and biochemistry. We consolidate short term and long term training programs for academics and corporate on different fields of life sciences (Bioinformatics/Microbiology/Genetic Engineering/Drug discovery/Toxicology/Computational and System biology etc) to trained the candidate according to the requirement of the sector. GRD, provide contract research services in the field of Biotechnology, Microbiology, and, Molecular Biology and also offer PhD Assistance to research scholars.

GenTox research and development has immerged as a great reckoning force and a dynamic forensic organisation at the dawn of this country. GRD is stabilised by highly qualified and experienced forensic professionals to provide best forensic investigation and education service and proper advice and guidance to its silence for a better balance of forensic science expertise and various places. Recent of the years, we have continue to provide  highly quality forensic service to lawyers advocates , courts , police , forces, and to private individuals making substantial contribution in many cases.  We have wealth of experience at designing, building and commissioning forensic science laboratory. Within these specialist laboratory we can undertake examine of items  and recovery of evidence from the various substances  such as questioned documents  examination , Fingerprint  comparison ,  fingerprint development and matching biological evidence examination and testing, fire arms and explosive investigation ,paper, glass, paint, textile  fibber  key matching and examination etc. Our labs are environmentally controls and highly secured.

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Our Team

GenTox Research and Development have experts of various discipline of Biological Science as well as Life Science.

Dr. Pavan Kumar
Scientist in Charge

Dr. Pavan Kumar is an expert of Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Free radical Biology,  Next Generation Sequencer  and Advance Biological Sciences.

Dr. Anurag Dabas
Guest Research Scientist

He is expert of Meta-genomics, Proteomics, Toxicology, Oncobiology and Immunobiology. He is also expert in Advance Biological Technique.

Dr. Rashmi Srivastava
Research Scientist

She is expert of Advance molecular Cytogentics. She is experienced also Free Radical Biology, Bio-Statistics, Molecular Biology and Microbiology.

Miss Deepa Goutam
Trainer -Coordinator

She is expert of various biological science aspects and she is also expert of various advance biological technique. She is working as Trainer as well as Coordinator.

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